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  • Hello,

    You have used this wiki to contact TimeShade, Xandermcc, and Spacepigeon because you were banned on their wikis. That's not okay.

    When you are banned from a wiki with your talk page/wall not available, that's because the admins do not want to talk to you until your ban is over.

    You are allowed to send one message to them on Community Central, but that's all.

    In this case, you have used up your one message here (the wrong wiki). So:

    • Please do not contact TimeShade, Xandermcc, or Spacepigeon again, on any wiki, or in any other way, until your bans are over.
    • If anyone else tells you not to contact them, then you must not contact them either.
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    • Sannse wrote:
      You could also contact Grammarly. But if it's a Fandom thing, you should get help via the link above

      How do I found out how many user profiles are on this wikia?

      Edit: Aka Reach 5 user profiles

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    • You have reached that:

      This is the last time I'm going to reply on this thread. As I said above, please use a new thread for a new topic (I should have stopped replying ages ago!)

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  • Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Demon Accords Wiki as part of the FANDOM community!

    It may seem like there’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going:

    Have fun!

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